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Before the game

Le 20 November 2017, 10:48 dans Humeurs 0

Before the game, Morata has 10 direct participation in 10 league goals, including seven goals and three assists in all history of Chelsea in the newly added players Jordin Tootoo Jersey, only directly involved in 11 goals Diego - Costa is more efficient than him. In today's game, Morata not only seize the opportunity to open the first record of the fill, but also assists Ajax goal heel in the 23rd minute, after contributing a pass, Morata is also representing Chelsea's The first 11 league games directly involved in 12 goals. After escaping, Conpani gradually find the feeling of the game, play more and more stable. The first 15 minutes, Ma Jeles Akira Delph cross Chuan Road Laurent Dauphin Jersey, he arrived in time to rescue the bottom line Graham Knott Jersey. The match, Kong team contributed 1 interception and the team up to 5 times the rescue, the most important is that there is no injury again, which is enough to make Manchester City fans feel happy. Earlier in the day, Manchester City scored a "hard bones" 2-0 away to lead the Premiership with an 8-point lead thanks to his goals with Gusus. Moreover, DeBrunne devoted a long-range violence in this game is his 50th goal made after joining Manchester City Vinnie Hinostroza Jersey, and he only took 76 games, the efficiency of Premier League.

Earlier news that Kudiniao will leave

Le 20 November 2017, 10:48 dans Humeurs 0

Earlier news that Kudiniao will leave the team during the winter break, still have to leave for Barcelona Radovan Bondra Jersey. However, Liverpool and Klopp certainly do not want to let such a gem from the team, the campaign battle, the excitement of Klopp and Kudiniao tightly embracing, seems to have virtually broken those rumors. The game Morata 3 shots, 2 shot is scored 1 ball Eric Semborski Jersey, and he also 2 extraordinary 2 was fouled, although only 18 passes, but it contains 1 assists and 1 threat to pass. Although Morata has suffered a short while ago, he has scored two goals in nearly two league games since breaking the club against Manchester United Richard Panik Jersey, representing Spain in a friendly against Costa Rica . Manchester City won the 11-12 season, the first 12 rounds to 11 wins and 1 draw to 34 points Manchester City in the thirteenth round encounter Liverpool's blocking and opponent 1-1 draw Cody Franson Jersey, failed to further refresh the record. In the next round of the league, Manchester City will be guest challenge Maha town. In the Champions League has advanced in advance of the case, Manchester City can be moderate in the mid-cycle, so wholeheartedly into the game, once the team won in this game, will create the best Premier League and team history Start

Coutinho has made 9 goals

Le 20 November 2017, 10:48 dans Humeurs 0

Coutinho has made 9 goals (5 assists and 4 assists) in nine games he played for Liverpool this season Nathan Noel Jersey. After expeditionary threats and the snow storm in the beginning of the season, Brazilians are still among Liverpool's best One of the indispensable players. In Klopp's vision, Fermino provided a pivot on the center position, a space where Salah and Mane opened on both sides, and Henderson and Wiener Dumme offered protection in the back And support, as well as Coutinho in the middle of the interspersed connection with the "director", will constitute the most perfect formation. In this one, Kudiniao play a pivotal, irreplaceable role. After Anfield pitched his hatred for the Brazilians early in the season Patrick Kane Jersey, every cheer and applause he still sent for him now confirms his value. Conte today, Conti discharged 352 formation, Moratta and Azar partner forward line, the two not only continued the excellent performance of the last round against Manchester United, but also to each other to create a goal, Conti, who is head coach, was also very satisfied with the connection between the two of them: "The links between Morata and Ajar are great and they are now 100% healthy and it's easy to forget that we were at the beginning of the season No Azar. Fast passing and a wild sprint from frontcourts made this Manchester City look like a flaw on the offensive end: both the tactics of breaking the wheel against Sir Blanc's offerings and the long-range violence against Delaware at Chelsea Jordin Tootoo Jersey, As well as Tonight's battle against Leicester in the hurricane counterattack, rich arsenal has made this Manchester City formidable terrible Michal Rozsival Jersey.

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